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Our portfolio of products addresses nearly every aspect of economic development programming. Technical assistance includes:

  • Retail Analysis (see more below)

  • Economic Base analysis and Sector Targeting

  • Data collection supporting business recruitment and response to requests for information

  • Community assessments for economic development (see more below)

  • Economic/fiscal impact analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Existing industry support efforts and developing a business retention program

  • Workforce and laborshed analysis  (see more below)

Retail analysis

The study of retail activity is one of the most powerful assessments (or tools) for local leaders as they develop plans for the future, as well as assisting their local business and industry.  

Retail assessment helps community leaders and businesses alike understand their retail and service market and their market potential. National retail chains often rely on local developers for their market information, and local entrepreneurs require assistance from local economic development officials or Small Business Development Centers for the same.

In each case, local market analysis is critical for both understanding the market and recruiting retail to the market. Where are our shoppers coming from? Where should they be coming from? How much sales tax revenue should we be bringing in on a regular basis? How much money are we capturing and how much is leaking out? The answers to these questions can be revealed using retail analysis.  

Community assessments for economic development


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Measurements of community economic activity and readiness are crucial to many efforts, including strategic planning and business development. A community assessment for economic development includes both analytics and "inventorying" with a view to advancing the community’s planning efforts and economic development functions related to business and employment, physical infrastructure, education, medical services and infrastructure, crime, housing, community gatherings and government facilities and services. Let us assist you with your community assessment!

Workforce and laborshed analysis

A laborshed is the area or region from which a specified employment zone attracts its labor force. Laborshed analysis highlights characteristics of a given labor force, e.g., commuting patterns, employment statistics, and employment trends.

Public and private sector decision makers require access to this information to inform sound decision-making and to guide strategic, tactical, managerial, and operational planning. We provide training with the analysis to assist in understanding and interpreting the results.

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